5 Tips For Introverts To Prepare For A Party

5 Tips For Introverts To Prepare For A Party

As an introvert parties are not my favourite way to spend my time. I prefer small gatherings and good conversations rather than large crowds and lots of smalltalk. However, I do attend parties as I don’t like to let people down and people only invite you if they want you there so I am happy to go.  However as parties are generally not inside an introverts comfort zone, they can often fill us with anxiety, dread or even sheer panic instead of the joy and excitement that are extrovert friends most likely feel.

Read on to find 5 tips that have worked for me when preparing to go to a party to make it not so scary.

  1. Go with someone. Sounds obvious if you have partner, but for those who don’t see if you can bring a friend. Or if you know someone else that is going alone, arrange to go together. Often walking into the party can be the hardest part as we think everyone is staring at us but if you are with someone this is much easier to bear.
  2. Check out who is going. Is it a birthday party, wedding, reunion? It is likely you will know some other people there. Ask in advance if certain people you know are going. This instills confidence as introverts we love to see familiar faces. You also know you can seek out these people when you are there to talk to. Much better than talking to strangers!
  3. Review the News and what’s going on. Make sure you are aware of what people might be taking about. I would watch the news to see if there were any big stories, creep social media to see what topics were hot, check out celebrity gossip columns and see what’s happening in sport. You don’t need to be an expert on anything but it can give make it way easier to contribute to a conversation even if you just read the headline. “What do you think about ……………” is a great opener and as an open question means you can then let the other person talk. You never know you might actually end up having a really deep interesting chat.
  4. Look your best. Introverts do not all hide behind sweat pants, ball caps and sunglasses. We do love to dress up and you should certainly look your best at a party. Wear something you love, something that makes you feel great. The right clothes instantly give you more confidence.
  5. Do something you love before you go. Find some time before you leave to do something nice. Whether its read a chapter of a book, watch a tv show, go for a walk or meditate. Do something that you love to do that will calm you and put you in a great mood. Erase the anxiety you might be feeling and put yourself in a relaxed, happy, positive state that you can focus on when you leave.

These tips worked for me when I first had to start attending social gatherings where I barely new anyone. Now, as I have attended more and more the steps are automatic and I no longer feel the stress and anxiety I used to. Most of what we feel in big gatherings is almost always in our heads and the real thing is never as bad. And never forget that when you have had enough, you can leave. You are your own person, and you can decide when the time is right for you, nobody else.

Till next time – JJ



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